3 Trends in Donor Recognition

Philanthropy moves fast, and we understand it’s hard to keep up! Honorcraft works in collaboration with clients across the country, and we’ve noticed some donor recognition trends that have become increasingly popular.

1.) Technology

Access Carroll Donor Recognition

Interactive components can add an engaging visual to your display. Creating a display with both interactive and traditional components is recommended for beautifully integrated recognition. Benefits of interactive approaches include creating a custom interface for displaying names, honoring past and present donors and updating easily on an ongoing basis. You can choose to include other features such as an events calendar, donor impact stories and photographs.

2.) Cluster plaques

 Cost effective cluster plaque

Increasingly, organizations are choosing to install one, central “cluster plaque” in lieu of creating individual plaques for each room. A cluster plaque would list each naming opportunity in a general area, along with the donors’ names. This approach is a cost effective way of increasing visibility and traffic in a central location.

3.) Donor recognition inventory audit

Donor recognition trends, inventory audit

Conducting and maintaining a donor recognition inventory audit has become a best practice in donor relations. An inventory can be helpful in preserving past donor information as well as preparing for future campaigns – providing baseline knowledge of spaces available for naming. An inventory also facilitates the creation of standards and policies around donor recognition and gives philanthropy professionals the capacity to address donor inquires quickly and efficiently.


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