7 Reasons You Need a Donor Recognition Inventory

An important donor from 10 years ago walks into a building on your campus and discovers that the plaque with his name on it is missing from the wall. He’s not happy, and calls you. And now you have an unhappy donor- one who might not give again.

Keeping track of your current donors is a difficult job. Keeping track of past donors is even more difficult. Perhaps recognition pieces have been misplaced. Maybe you can’t find the records. It’s possible the information was lost in the shuffle when a new building was added.

Whatever the problem, the result can be an unhappy donor. And that, of course, affects future gifts.

Read through the following statements to see if they resonate with you and your organization:

1. Your organization added a new building or reconstructed an existing building

2. Donor recognition pieces and/or information from your institution have been misplaced

3. You’ve received calls or emails from concerned donors or family members asking about a plaque that could not be located

4. You do not know where plaques are stored if they are taken down during rennovation

5. There is recognition in your institution that is in poor condition

6. The development department has recently undergone a reorganization and staff turnover

7. You are not confident that you have an accurate record of all donor recognition in your institution

If you find any of the above statements to be true, maybe even just #7, you need a donor recognition inventory.

Make life easier in the development office.

You have to keep your donors happy. You are expected to have a complete record of all past and present donor recogntion. Simply put, you have a lot to do. Maybe we can help.

preparation-checklistAs donor recognition experts, we want to share our tried & true inventory preparation based on our experience completing inventories for clients across the country.

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