A Night of Recognition


1865 Society Donor Recognition

The most rewarding part of my job is participating in the process of recognizing donors.  I realize that is a fairly general statement and basically covers what I am fortunate enough to do on a daily basis.  However, there always seems to be those special moments when everything comes together and all of the work of campaigning and all of the generosity of the benefactors come together.  Thursday, October 28th at the campus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute was one of those evenings.

Let me start at the beginning.  About a year ago Honorcraft began discussions with WPI regarding the creation of a display that would pay tribute to the 1865 Society.  The members of this society are responsible for contributions of over a million dollars and have significantly provided the support necessary to advance the noble mission of this remarkable institution.

Armed with information provided by WPI we took to the drawing board.  The scope of the project certainly deserved providing several alternative concepts. So after working with our design team, we came up with five renderings.  At the conclusion, we presented them to WPI, and to my delight a personal favorite of mine was selected.

The usual time transpired for all of the very exciting stages of fabrication.  Although that process is very rewarding, the pinnacle was October 28th.

WPI cordially invites you to a special celebration to recognize members of the 1865 Society and to unveil a new monument in their honor.

(Honorcraft created the monument).

A champagne reception will begin at 6 pm in the Campus Center lobby.  Dinner will begin at 7:15 pm in the Campus Center Odeum.  Formal attire recommended.

The remarkable evening arrived and after the careful coordination of an ensemble, we were coiffed and ready to join a very generous and influential group of philanthropists.

As the valet opened my door and I stepped onto a red carpet (literally a red carpet) and we rounded the corner towards the student center – WOW – it hit me with a visual delight.  The monument.  It stood proudly under a white billowy canopy and Hollywood lights were affixed at every angle.  Cameras flashed and videos hummed.  I looked for the wet cement ready to submerge my palms but no such luck.

I hope you can tell by the photo how lovely a setting this really is.


Just before the festivities began…

The evening continued with champagne toasts, gourmet food, free flowing wine, fresh flowers, a harpist and one of the most amazing rendition of the Beatles’ A little Help From My Friends the likes of which I had never heard  before, performed by a very talented pianist who was also an alumnus of WPI.

I must admit I was impressed.  It was a lovely celebration of the generosity of the alumni and friends of WPI and it exemplified the kind of hard work and dedication that is so typical of Development and Stewardship in general.

By meeting the recipients of this recognition, I was pleased to hear what this celebration meant to them and how flattered they were to be honored at this unveiling.

-Karen McNulty

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