About Us


Excellence. Integrity. Honoring generosity and achievement through meaningful recognition.

This was the vision with which Ed Rapoport founded Honorcraft in 1961.
It’s the vision that continues to guide us today.

Building on his early success in creating recognition objects for higher education, Ed created a company that today serves a vibrant, diverse national family of clients. We are honored to work with leading hospitals and health care organizations, colleges and universities, museums, and great not-for-profit and corporate organizations across the United States.

Honorcraft is the nation’s premier provider of recognition objects and installations – creating exquisite awards, statuary, and plaques, soaring donor walls, and other enduring symbols of philanthropy and achievement.

Our home is Ed Rapoport’s beloved greater Boston.
But Honorcraft is America’s recognition company.

We’re at top philanthropy conferences, and wherever philanthropy thought leaders and practitioners gather. We’re actively exchanging ideas and best practices with stewardship professionals face-to-face, on the web, and through social media. And, through our LegacyCurator™ service, we have the pleasure of documenting and preserving rich philanthropic heritage nationwide.

You’ll find Honorcraft in hospital lobbies, university sports arenas, and other settings across the United States, where timeless recognition honors the legacies of great philanthropists, leaders, athletes, students, and others.

We have been honored to serve some of the nation’s most prestigious organizations over the past fifty years. We also work with many small organizations that make a big impact. Because we know that greatness is not about the size of your budget. It’s about how deeply you care and how far you reach.

Honorcraft has always been where innovation meets reliability.
A new generation of company leadership carries us forward.

Since Ed’s passing in 2011, his son, Jim- a member of the Honorcraft team for more than 35 years – has lead the talented artisans and recognition experts who carry on Ed’s tradition of delivering the very best product, at the best price, with a distinctly human touch.

We also carry forward our founder’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

Honorcraft has always been a leader in incorporating new designs and materials for artful recognition. In the 1980s, Jim was one of the first in our field to see the potential of Corian™ – making Honorcraft a pioneer in the use of this durable, beautiful material as a recognition medium. We have continued to innovate over the years, incorporating laser and computer technology and other advances to create the finest custom recognition objects. Today, our portfolio features items made from heritage materials such as cast bronze and pewter alongside pieces created in sustainable acrylic, glass and crystal, and slate – along with newer media such as digital displays.

Beautiful. Meaningful. Durable. Honorcraft.


With Honorcraft, I trust that the work will be of quality.

Tiffany ChiangNorthShoreUniversity HealthSystems

Honorcraft’s recognition professionals bring both accountability and creativity to every project … always committed to understanding what we are trying to achieve, and always prepared to face challenges head-on. They are very good at listening.

Tiffany ChiangNorthShoreUniversity HealthSystems

Honorcraft’s recognition professionals are true experts in the field.

Tiffany ChiangNorthShoreUniversity HealthSystems

They deliver deep knowledge in recognition, as well as an understanding of the nuances of donor recognition. Honorcraft’s people are respected for their expertise, commitment to quality, and thoughtful approach to collaboration.

Tiffany ChiangNorthShoreUniversity HealthSystems

Every day, our interactive donor wall shows our donors how much we value them.

Tiffany ChiangNorthShoreUniversity HealthSystems

This dynamic installation is a powerful catalyst for engagement. It gives our donors an opportunity to inspire others by writing a story about their gift. And it advances our organizational commitment to authentic acknowledgement of philanthropy.

Tiffany ChiangNorthShoreUniversity HealthSystems

Honorcraft respects our heritage and understands our goals.

Maida ConnorGettysburg College

LegacyCurator by Honorcraft has enabled us to encapsulate our complete recognition record … encompassing more than 4,000 entries … in a way that pays homage to our rich history and supports our philanthropy officers in effective stewardship of our donors.

Maida ConnorGettysburg College

Honorcraft takes stewardship seriously.

Deene MorrisMcLean Health Care

After a successful capital campaign and the opening of a new assisted living wing, we needed a recognition plan to both honor new donors and also preserve recognition of our donors who gave generously over the past 40 years. Honorcraft managed everything from concept to installation – making a complex process nearly effortless. They made excellent recommendations that suited our organizational culture and also carefully and creatively managed to our budget.

Deene MorrisMcLean Health Care