Cool Globes Come to Boston!

Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet, is a public art exhibition designed to raise awareness of solutions to climate change. Cool Globes has gone on the road across the United States from Washington DC to California to inspire individuals to implement simple solutions in their lives to fight global warming.


One of the dozens of Cool Globes on display in Boston

Honorcraft was chosen to create informative plaques displayed alongside the globes which feature a variety of daily solutions for fighting global warming. We are proud to create recognition that educates people on small ways they can adjust their everyday life to make a big impact on climate change.

Here at Honorcraft, we are also working to make small changes with climate change in mind. We now offering a recycled LEED certified material that can be used in the construction of donor walls, plaques, and awards. In addition to being low VOC and Green Guard certified, these materials bring additional design options with embedded organic materials and a vast array of colors. To learn more, contact our in-house Sustainable Development certified representative, Rebecca Jamison, at rjamison@


Map of Cool Globes Exhibit in Boston

We think it’s pretty “cool” that we played a part in this global project!

Be on the lookout for Cool Globes and learn hot ideas for a cooler planet! More information about Cool Globes can be found on their website.


Cool Globes on display

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