Custom Medallions – A Timeless Tradition.

Honorcraft is celebrating its 50 year anniversary in business and it reminds us of how we got started a half a century ago – creating custom medallions.  This spring we are inundated with requests for new custom dies.  Institutions, that have opted not to use an existing die for a couple of years, have renewed an annual program this year.

It gives us great pride to know that this classic tradition is still celebrated by many organizations and institutions to commemorate special events and achievements.   We have also experienced a restored interest in the very distinguished lapel pin.  These individually struck favorites are a unique way to recognize donors and reward illustrious performers.

The rekindled interest in personalized medallions has restored old projects and has been the impetus for new ones.  Used as gifts and mementos at commencements and corporate events, medallions can be displayed in an ornamental case, worn on a ribbon or embedded in Lucite.  Custom lapel pins can be presented and worn in honor of many of the same events.


Antique finished bronze medallion with 3D bas relief.

Begin a tradition and have an individually struck and hand-sculpted modeled die created for an upcoming event or to use for years to come. Contact us for information on how to get started!

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