Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here at Honorcraft, we are taking a moment to recognize all mothers, to say thank you for their love, support and commitment.

We are especially proud of being part of a recognition project that not only supports and celebrates the birth of a new baby but also mothers. We were very happy to collaborate with our client, Newton-Wellesley Hospital.

“Footprints to the Future” is located in the newly renovated Maternity Department on the 5th floor. Adorning the walls of this area are individual footprint markers listing each baby’s name and date of birth. What a wonderful way to commemorate a child’s birth! To learn more about the wall and opportunity, click here.

"Footprints to the Future"

“Footprints to the Future”

Footprints to the Future

Detail image of “Footprints to the Future”

Is your organization planning a Capital Campaign? Is there are moment in your story you’d like to capture? Connect with our team at Honorcraft, we are excited to talk about the possibilities.

From donor wall displays to awards, history and timeline exhibits to medallions, we have a wide range of capabilities and we source all our materials in the USA. We produce and manufacture on-site in our Stoughton, MA headquarters!

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