ISA Sign Expo

This year, Honorcraft attended the ISA Expo in Orlando, Florida. This event brings together over 1500 amazing companies dedicated in creating signage and wayfinding products and solutions. We learned about various new techniques for fabrication partnered with the ever-changing technology that innovates our industry every day.

The many exhibitors at 2016 ISA Expo

The many exhibitors at 2016 ISA Expo

For example, a vendor can now create signage that has text, braille and other elements all formed and molded together to create tactile ADA signage via a thermoforming process. It’s amazing since this allows the face of the text and braille to be painted, but will never come loose or be picked off. The sign is automatically ready for interior OR exterior use. So essentially your project could be utilizing one material for all areas.

At Honorcraft we incorporate many of these innovative materials and methods to our design to continue innovating solutions for all our clients. We are always excited to recommend new things that can help achieve the best outcome.


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