Recognizing the Importance of Sustainability

An organization’s architecture is an expression of its values, as well as its brand and its mission and history. It’s no longer enough for every new capital project to be efficient, comfortable, and artful. All of our clients also want their new construction to be as green as possible.

Honorcraft is proud to support our clients in identifying earth-friendly ways to recognize their donors.

We recently helped UMass Memorial Medical Center, inWorcester,Massachusetts, to create a spectacular donor wall in environmentally-friendly resin. This beautiful material meets sustainability standards today as it is made with 40% pre-consumer recycled content, meets GREENGAUARD®  Indoor Air Quality Certification as well as LEED credits, and can even be recycled in the future, when the organization decides to retire or re-purpose the wall.  That’s a long time away, however. For now, and for many years to come, this piece will inspire every visitor to the medical center – through recognition of generous donors, and through its own luminous presence.

Honor Craft Custom Donor Wall

Eco-Friendly Donor Recognition

This past May I completed a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Development at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, and the most important lesson I learned is this:

It’s up to all of us to preserve the earth, one responsible act or innovation at a time. We’ll ultimately make a difference, not just through government regulation or corporate policy, but through the collective impact of our own individual choices and contributions.

I’m proud to work with people and organizations that share that belief.

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