What Forever Means

On the day after Thanksgiving – a time when we are all immersed in tradition and memory — this intriguing article ran in The New York Times.

While the circumstances at Lincoln Center are unique, the piece touches on a core donor recognition challenge that our LegacyCurator team routinely encounters in organizations nationwide – continuing to honor philanthropic heritage while making room for new growth. In our experience, that growth is most often defined in terms of new wings or buildings, heavily renovated or repurposed space, or organizational mergers.

On a global level, the conversation may be about naming opportunities. At eye-level, it’s about the physical manifestations of donor recognition – plaques, walls, dimensional lettering, and so on. Every organization addresses this imperative with nuances informed by its unique culture. Some create new donor walls. Some make a place for old plaques in new architecture. Some find a solution in the agility of interactive donor walls.

In the case of gifts that precede modern digital gift management tools, research is often needed to determine the provenance of plaques; that information is then entered into the LegacyCurator digital database. Our clients have used the research process to reconnect with individuals and families who are part of their organizations’ philanthropic heritage.

One thing’s certain: every move must be rooted in respect for culture and heritage and well-nurtured donor relationships.


Has your organization identified an artful way to honor your donor recognition heritage? Email usor comment. We might feature your story in a future post!

Honorcraft, a leading full-service donor recognition company serving clients across North America, has been practicing the fine art of recognition for more than 50 years. We create everything from Lucite awards to custom bronze plaques to interactive donor walls, and everything in between. OurLegacyCurator consultancy – incorporating on-site recognition review and our exclusive PlaquePlanner and PlaqueTraquer software – advances stewardship and long-term planning through comprehensive recognition inventory and archiving and naming opportunities mapping services.

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