Wisdom Wednesday: Donor Recognition FAQs and Solutions

At Honorcraft, we – like you – work in a continuous cycle of planning and doing. While our artists are busy creating inspirational donor recognition pieces, our advisers are helping our client-partners envision, plan, and problem-solve. With this post, we introduce a new weekly feature that highlights FAQs and innovations you’ve shared with us. Thank you for your wisdom!


Q. We’re opening a new wing, and the building design just doesn’t click with the traditional recognition art on display in the rest of the hospital. We need something new. How can we create donor recognition that integrates with our new architecture, while still being true to our heritage?

A. There’s still a place for traditional donor plaques and donor walls. They’re instantly recognizable and convey the sense of heritage you cite. And some donors prefer them. However, our clients increasingly view recognition art as integral to architectural design – which is only appropriate, as donor recognition is an intrinsic part of development, which in turn drives creation of a culture of philanthropy in an organization. We believe that everyone who enters your building should be immediately immersed in philanthropy!

We also believe that your donor recognition should grow with you – whether that means using a planning tool to map out future locations for your donor recognition, building agility into a system of traditional donor recognition plaques or donor wall designs, or installing an interactive donor wall.

Over the years, we’ve created a diverse array of recognition art that breathes with organizational culture – as well as the personalities of the donors recognized. Please see below for donor wall examples and other images to spark your creativity. Or feel free to explore our website.

Want to talk about it? We’ll be delighted to provide a free phone consultation to talk through your donor recognition challenge with you personally – or even feature your question in a future Wisdom Wednesday post. Please contact Karen McNulty at kmcnulty@ or (781)-341-0410.

Honorcraft, a leading full-service donor recognition company serving clients across North America, has been practicing the fine art of recognition for more than 50 years. We create everything from Lucite awards to custom bronze plaques to interactive donor walls, and everything in between. Our LegacyCurator consultancy – incorporating on-site recognition review and our exclusive PlaquePlanner and PlaqueTraquer software – advances stewardship and long-term planning through comprehensive recognition inventory and archiving and naming opportunities mapping services.

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