Recognition Review

New MBA Studio Named at Bentley University

Donnor's Beverly J. Myers and the late Herbert J. Myers

Generous supporters of Bentley University, Beverly J. Myers and the late Herbert J. Myers, made a commitment of $1.5 million dollars to support the new Bentley MBA. In recognition of this generous gift, Bentley created a beautiful custom plaque that honors the Myers’ legacy of giving. Bentley University MBA StudioRead More

Insights on Creating an Interactive Donor Wall

Interactive donor wall services at Northshore University

Last month the Digital Signage Signage Federation hosted a webinar to explore the system design, deployment, and overall budget for the integrated interactive donor wall at NorthShore University HealthSystem. NorthShore University HealthSystem Interactive Donor Wall The following professionals shared their prospectives: Tiffany Chiang, Director of Stewardship with the NorthShore University HealthSystem FoundationRead More

Donor Wall Display Systems

Magnetic system donor wall display

Before choosing a donor wall design, it is critical to understand whether donor names will need to be added or regularly updated. Most donor recognition requires at least some updating, even a specific campaign donor wall.   This blog post is intended to identify some of the different ways whichRead More

Blending the art and science of philanthropy

As I travel around the country performing recognition audits with our not-for-profit partners, I’m always impressed by the diverse and innovative ways in which people and organizations blend the very warm, human side of philanthropy with the ever-increasing need for data-driven strategy and decision-making. As director of Honorcraft’s  LegacyCurator™ service, IRead More

LegacyCurator, a Donor Recognition Audit

Donor recognition plaques

Managing donor recognition can be tedious. At the very least, it is a time-consuming task.  Making certain that every donor is recognized respectfully, with dignity and fairness can be a full time job.  Many of our clients have come to us asking for help. Questions such as, “Did we make…

Three tips for a successful “Name a Seat” Campaign

Over the past 50 years, we have helped many clients develop and execute successful “Name a Seat” campaigns.  Universities and colleges often enjoy overwhelming support for named seats in athletic complexes and lecture halls.  And the program is a natural fit for theaters and opera houses.   Here are aRead More

Donor Recognition Audits – To do or not to do… internally?

alarm clock

So you have recognized the need for conducting a Donor Recognition Audit.  You are about to begin a new campaign and want to have all donor prospects lined up.  Or you are in the middle of facility construction and need to make certain no plaques are lost or misplaced inRead More

Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital Highlights Its Heritage of Philanthropy

Philanthropic recognition wall at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital

When Jeff Miller, CFRE signed on as Vice President for Philanthropy at Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital in Brockton, Massachusetts, he knew that the hospital – founded in 1896 – had a long, proud history of support from its community. One of his first initiatives was to turn a spotlight onRead More

Recognizing the Importance of Sustainability

Honor Craft Donor wall design services

An organization’s architecture is an expression of its values, as well as its brand and its mission and history. It’s no longer enough for every new capital project to be efficient, comfortable, and artful. All of our clients also want their new construction to be as green as possible. Honorcraft is proud toRead More

The Dubin Breast Center at Mount Sinai

Custom donor wall at Dubin Breast Center

Combine passion with knowledge, experience and empathy and you see a sincere individual who has a genuine concern for those diagnosed with breast cancer. That concern becomes obvious when witnessing the nurturing support and treatment that Eva Dubin strives for in the new Dubin Breast Center at Mount Sinai Medical CenterRead More

Custom Medallions – A Timeless Tradition.

Honor Craft plaque design medallions

Honorcraft is celebrating its 50 year anniversary in business and it reminds us of how we got started a half a century ago – creating custom medallions.  This spring we are inundated with requests for new custom dies.  Institutions, that have opted not to use an existing die for a coupleRead More